Magnet-Ficent Invisible Quilt Hanger

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Magnet-Ficent Invisible Quilt Hanger

Don't leave those beautiful quilts in the closet!  Put them on display for everyone to see!

Magnet-Ficent Invisible Quilt Hanger

Magnet-ficent™ Invisible Quilt Hangers allow you to easily and securely support your quilt for display, yet it will appear to be floating very close to the wall with no means of support!
This hanging system uses a small mounting plate attached to your wall using removable adhesive strips. Powerful, specially designed magnets securely hold your quilt to the plate via the adjustable metal rod inserted into your quilt’s rod pocket. Go ahead and hang quilts up to 20" with included rod, or use a longer rod for larger quilts. Add an additional kit to hang queen and king size quilts. It’s easily adjustable – just slide the magnet! Remove, re-hang, or change your displayed quilt with no hassle!

Magnet-ficent™ Invisible Quilt Hangers mounted with removable adhesive strips will not damage your walls.
No more push-pins, screws, nails, or levels!

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